Children's Activities

Because we accept children from the ages of 4 to 18 years, we need to accommodate each developmental stages unique need. As such a large assortment of programmes is run, some are long term programmes, while others are short workshops or special events. Some of these programmes are:

Our children are all encouraged to participate in some form of sporting activities. Many of our children take part in sporting activities at their school but we also offer weekly Karate, Wrestling and Soccer sessions at our centre. We boast EP representatives for Gymnastics, Karate and Wrestling.

We offer a wide variety of activities to stimulate the different age groups. We have art and craft classes every Saturday where our children are encouraged to develop their creativity. In addition we have volunteers who come in and offer various programmes and activities, from beadwork to trips to a game farm for hunting lessons.

In order for our children to develop into well rounded people they must also be given the opportunity to grow spiritually. We have a good relationship with the various church groups in the city. On a Wednesday there is a cell group for our older youth to encourage them to learn more from the bible. Our children are given the opportunity to attend church on a Sunday. We also have an interdenominational children’s church session with the children every alternate Saturday.

Our children are blessed by the generous contributions from all the volunteers and staff described above. We encourage our youth to give back to others in the same way. We have a relationship with one of the retirement villages in the city and once a term some of our children visit and organise activities for the elderly there. The children also volunteer at a local Animal Shelter.

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